Civil Law

  • Contractual Civil Liability;
  • Extra-contractual Civil Liability;
  • Medical Liability;
  • State Liability;
  • Traffic Accidents;
  • Lending and loans;
  • Leasing and eviction;
  • Property and ownership;
  • Use and enjoyment;
  • Adverse possession.

Consumer Law

  • Defense in compensation suits and public civil action;
  • Advice regarding warranty period, right to information, and quality of product and of service;
  • Compliance of contracts to the Consumer Protection Code (Código de Defesa do Consumidor);
  • Consulting and prevention.

Contract Law

  • Preparation and analysis of purchase and sale agreements;
  • Preparation and analysis of service provision agreements;
  • Preparation and revision of real estate contracts;
  • Banking contract appeals.

Cooperative Law

  • Founding of cooperatives;
  • Advice in ordinary or extraordinary assemblies;
  • Advice regarding the role of the Supervisory Board;
  • Preparation and revision of By-Laws;
  • Advising on Administrative Procedures;
  • Advice regarding the rules of Cooperative Organizations.

Business and Corporate Law

  • Preparation and revision of contracts, by-laws and corporate acts;
  • Assistance in acquisition, mergers, split-ups and transfer of assets;
  • Preparation of asset administrators;
  • Participation in assemblies and meetings of the board of directors ;
  • Mediation of conflicts and interests;
  • Defences in judicial or administrative demands;
  • Juridical consulting;
  • Banking law;
  • Advise and assistance regarding brands and patents;
  • Debt securities;
  • Fiduciary liens and leasing;;
  • Franchises;
  • Corporate planning.

Family and Inheritance Law

  • Separations and divorces, consensual or litigious, administrative and judicial;
  • Alimony, revision thereof, and exoneration from alimony;
  • Custody;
  • Conservatorship, guardianship and curatoriality;
  • Wills;
  • Inventories;
  • Planning for division of assets;
  • Prenuptial agreements;
  • Civil Union contracts.

Bidding Law

  • Accompanying bidding processes in their various stages;
  • Assessing administrative contracts;
  • Contesting public notices;
  • Administrative appeal;
  • Filing writ of mandamus to defend clear legal right.


  • Defense in administrative suits;
  • Clarification of norms derived from Regional or National Councils;
  • Development of By-laws;
  • Defense in indemnity judicial actions, whether for moral or asset damages;
  • Corporate planning;
  • Preparation of Terms of Consent;
  • Preventative orientation;
  • Courses and lectures.


  • Collective/union bargaining;
  • Labor complaints;
  • Review of internal policy;
  • Aid in preparation of Career and Salary plan;
  • Commercial representation;
  • Orientation for risk mitigation;
  • Revision of labor routines;
  • Administrative practice regarding Public Ministry of Work (Ministério Público do Trabalho), Ministry of Work (Ministério do Trabalho) and National Institute of Social Security (Instituto Nacional do Seguro Social).


  • Preventative advocacy;
  • Refunding of tax credits and suspension of improperly collected tax;
  • Preparation of administrative consults, declarations of compensation, refund and compensation requests and requesting special tax status;
  • Tax planning;
  • Analysis and provision of advice regarding taxes;
  • Presentation of defenses in all administrative instances at the federal, state and municipal level;
  • Judicial defense in tax enforcement;
  • Release of merchandise detained at customs.